The International Industrial Mathematics Conference-I


The International Industrial Mathematics Conference-I (I2MC-I), 2016 is the first ever academic conference organized by the Department of Mathematics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. It will impart real mathematical research experience to undergraduate and postgraduate students in Sri Lanka. These students who were discouraged by financial circumstances, lack of opportunity, and lack of research exposure, will be inspired by the group of invited speakers including world renowned plenary mathematicians, mathematics faculty members, and industrial professionals in Sri Lanka.

Main objectives of the conference :

  • Nurture and enhance knowledge in mathematics among undergraduates, postgraduates, and the academic staff
  • Share the passion in mathematics by stimulating novel research ideas in the local mathematics community
  • Build collaborations between the local universities with the universities elsewhere in the developed world
  • Increase the enrollment in postgraduate programs in mathematics
  • Give newfangled opportunity for students to have interactions with the industry
  • Identify the challenges faced by the public universities in Sri Lanka and strategies to overcome them

The conference is based on honoring Prof. Sunethra Weerakoon, the very first lady professor in mathematics in Sri Lanka, for her 40 years of service at the University on her retirement in 2016.